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Eric “Boots” Greene is a music industry business professional and has been drumming since he was two years old in his hometown of Philadelphia. He admits to being blessed with the gift of music ever since he can remember. From performing at his family’s church, to his self-teaching of keyboards, instruments and learning The Wiz entirely by ear, he has had a profound aptitude for music, and knew he was meant to perform with top entertainment industry leaders. While still in his teens, he started touring with Jill Scott and ultimately performed with numerous well-known musicians including Wiz Khalifa, Alicia Keys, Cardi B, Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, P-Diddy, Common, Kelis, Ferg, Patti Labelle, and Snoop Dogg. Boots is a talented songwriter and producer, having written, mixed, mastered and produced three of his own albums, as well as for other artists, including more than 10 albums for unsigned artists. He also an author, writing the short non-fiction book entitled, The InstruMENTAL-list, which captures the real life of being a musician, artist, father and man.

Exclusive interview with The 420 Area Code

Recently introduced to Boots, The 420AC learned of his interest in the CBD and Cannabis industry. Here is a look at his musical background and passion for getting into the CBD and cannabis marketplace.

420AC: You’ve been a drummer for many well-known musicians. Who stands out the most and why?

Mr. Greene: The one who stands out would be Jay-Z. I have been his drummer for about four years and of course being the owner of Roc-Nation, previous owner, and creator of TIDAL, the head of NFL Super Bowl entertainment, and Beyoncé’s husband, Definitely he is the one that stands out the most. 

420AC: Please share your music style for those who are not familiar with your artistic approach and work.

Mr. Greene: As far as my artistry, my musical style comes from my background which is Rock n’ Roll, Alternative, HipHop, RnB, Jazz, electronic influences, and a lot of 70’sa and 80’s music. I incorporate a lot of those genres whether it is meshing some together or just making my own rendition of that specific genre.

420AC: Did you always envision a career in the music business?

Mr. Greene: I always saw myself being in the music industry, but not business. That is totally another side (Boots says laughingly). But I always saw myself as a professional touring drummer. Then, as I played for artists such as Pharrell Williams, I thought to myself, I can actually become an artist. So, I decided to mix both attributes and so far, it has proved to be a successful marriage.  

420AC: How much of what you set out to do musically would you say you’ve accomplished?

Mr. Greene: Honesty, I feel I have accomplished what I want as far as being a drummer. I have been blessed to get endorsed by a lot of companies, become an ambassador for brands and companies, network and meet great human beings and learn a lot of information I never knew. I will say this, my father was always my prayer warrior. I always told him I wanted to play for various artists, and sure enough it would come to pass. 

420AC: How did your ‘nick name’ Boots come about? 

Mr. Greene: My name boots was originally “Booty” which was a nickname my mother gave me. Then as I got older, I had to change the name. I could not have grown men calling me by that name (again, he says laughingly).

420AC: What trends, if any, do you see taking shape in the music world? 

Mr. Greene: Being totally honest, I see a lot of the wrong trends. One is the way music is being allowed to be expressed and the way they are pushing music to kids these days. Drugs are different and stronger, and kids are wanting to be involved because their favorite rapper or singer is talking about it. But there is some good too. I see the influence of kids to do more music and dancing and involving themselves in the art.

420AC: Like many entertainers, you have an interest in entering the CBD/Cannabis arena. What do you think would be your unique selling proposition (in addition to possessing celebrity status)?

Mr. Greene: I played with Wiz Khalifa for four-plus years, and as a result always knew the newest strains and products that were coming out. It allowed me to have connections with amazing farmers and growers and seeing how my words actually have impact. The fact that it is CBD and legal and corporate shows I am about business and honesty, willing to help my family, friends, and fans understand the better way to take this plant which has been given to us from GOD, and I know I am an influential person and will help people try out such products. 

420AC: Which musicians lending their name to CBD/Cannabis companies or have industry ownership have you most admired and why?

Mr. Greene: Wiz and Berner. Wiz is the founder of KK Khalifa Kush. Berner is the founder of Cookies. I would love to either have my own strain or CBD strain. How does this sound, ‘The Greene Strain’? 

420AC: Do you or your family members use CBD/Cannabis products to relax or to help feel better because of a health condition?  

Mr. Greene: None of my family members use it, but I think I could get some to use it for pain, or relaxation. 

420AC: I just have to know – do you sing in the shower or to the radio at a traffic light with foolish abandon?

Mr. Greene: I definitely get ideas in the shower, while I am in traffic or shopping, or just talking to someone. It just hits me when it does. And it has often translated into becoming a great song.

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