The 420 Area Code interview series set to launch on social media platforms

(Clovis, CA) Sept. 30, 2021 – The 420 Area Code, a new social media platform interview series hosted by well-known nutraceutical brand development consultant Sheldon Baker and featuring expert guests from the CBD, Hemp and Cannabis arena is scheduled to debut in January 2022. A final launch date will be announced soon.

All of The 420 Area Code programs will originate on and then distributed to numerous other social platforms including YouTube, Facebook,, and on website. The 420 Area Code will feature lively discussion with corporate representatives, science experts, government leaders and legal specialists focusing on the CBD, Cannabis and Hemp marketplace. New 30-minute shows are scheduled to be broadcast weekly.

“With the ever-expanding health and wellness marketplace now including CBD cannabinoid, and hemp products, it is only fitting manufacturers and consumers continue to gain an even greater insight from industry leaders, researchers, and legal experts about these categories,” said Baker.

The 420 Area Code, which started as an educational programming concept for a Northern California regional radio/television network in 2019, has now blossomed into a global social media broadcast thanks to social media.

Verdant Oasis ( is the program’s initial sponsor. Nutraceuticals World magazine ( has come on board as the media sponsor.

For more information about the show including sponsorship and guest consideration, email

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Sheldon Baker

Sheldon Baker, The 420 Area Code show host, possesses more than 30 years of creative and media experience. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and broadcasting from Columbia College in Chicago, the premier marketing, media, and arts educational institution in the U.S., and has developed and directed a wide range of corporate marketing programs, celebrity promotion, and product branding for the natural products industry. More info here.

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