jeng hemp-infused alcohol-free sparkling cocktail offers free shipping for the supporters of The 420 Area Code

(Clovis, CA) Oct. 1, 2021 – jeng, the premium, hemp-infused sparkling beverage is teaming up with The 420 Area Code and will offer free shipping on its four-pack of 12-ounce cans containing 11mg of CBD.

Taking its inspiration from the classic Moscow mule, Ginger-forward with a burst of lime and just a hint of juniper, jeng is a sparkling cocktail that can be enjoyed on the rocks or straight from the can. It is also low on sugar. Yet big on flavor.

“jeng is a premium, hemp-infused sparkling beverage with all the taste and good feelings of a classic cocktail, but without the alcohol,” said Christopher Lackner, jeng co-founder.

“It seemed like every new product on the market was a variation of the same old boring seltzer. Regardless of whether it had booze or hemp in it, they all tasted the same. And to be honest, they did not taste that good,” noted Lackner. “In a time of undifferentiated seltzers and overwhelming beer and wine options, we wanted to create something completely different.”

The jeng 12-ounce can four-pack sells for $20 on the jeng website. 420 Area Code customers can take advantage of free shipping on all products to all countries for the first order only. The free shipping offer is available until Dec. 31. 2021. Enter code 420AreaCode on the jeng website upon checkout.

For ordering information and where to locate jeng in retail locations, visit

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